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Anchovy Paste

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I've never used anchovy paste, just good quality anchovies. A few people here have mentioned using it, so maybe it's worth a try. Is there any recommended brand to use? Any tips or sugestions for using it? I understand it keeps well for a long time - yes?

Thanks for any help.
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Anchovy paste adds depth. You use it as an "underneath" note. For those purposes I can't say that I've noticed any differences in quality. I've actually eaten it straight on crackers, in mashed potatoes and so on, and must say that mediocre, canned, whole anchovies are better. But for things like salad dressings, and as a minor element in sauces, you can't beat it for the convenience and economy.

It keeps nearly forever in the refrigerator -- years probably. As long as you replace the cap.

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The only two brands that I've tried are Reese and Gia. The Reese is in olive oil and the Gia is an import that uses anchovies, salt, sunflower oil (I'm not sure why the added salt).

The Italian grocery store I went to today actually had five different brands of paste. The only reason I bought the Gia today was to try something different. The Reese could be found at nearly any local grocery store.

Bottom line...I use the paste in soups and sauces. For me the paste is a way to add that extra depth of flavor without opening a whole can or jar of anchovies. Speaking of anchovies...they had a pretty decent selection in varying sizes of cans and jars. All were packed in olive oil.

The Gia tube that I just bought is good until June '09 if left unopened. It says that it must be consumed within one month after opening.

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