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Need A Menu ASAP

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Hi Chefs,

I am planning a Halloween party, very high end

25 adults
30 kids

Adults: plated 7 course meal
Kids: buffet

Can someone please help with some over the top dishes?


Thanks in advance
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Save the pumpkin for a sorbe.

Go with clove in a spice rub for a game meat for a protein.

a nutty bread

braised fennel and corn stew

sweet potato crepe with buer blanc

hickory smoked cod

cheddar, potato, and cabbage soup

in reverse order
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Pumpkin fritter with maple glaze

Butternut Squash Soup

Corn Funnel Cakes (for kids)

Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation, and two percent butterscotch ripple

My Author Page


Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation, and two percent butterscotch ripple

My Author Page

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I assume you are in FLA.


webs...aka cotton candy

Atlantico Mini bar had a 1"x1" cold foie on a stick wrapped in vanilla bean cotton candy and almonds. Pretty over the top ap and could look spider weblike

Shiitakes and squash gnocchi about some whole lite batter fried troutlets, with orange aioli

Venison with cranberries or ligonberries....etc

Celery leaves/parsley with ver jus vinagrette

Caramel.....bruleed figs and fancy cheese platter....marcona almonds

Maybe a funky take off on halloween candy, one of our local pastry chefs makes look alikes in up scale form.....


Corn doglets
fun sliders
Your tato tots

Cups of candy corn soup.....corn soup with cheddar crackers

Finger veg spring rolls....fingernail and all......

Mozz balls that look like eyes...possibly olive slice......

Veg platter with swamp dip......

* somewhere there should be dry ice making smoke

Caramel apple station......what a mess, what a memorable treat!!!
Popcorn balls
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Since you are from N .Y you should know hi-end, but first what is their budget? Is there liquor involved. Will kids be Hi end on buffet or kids food. Since it is Lauderdale or Boca any dietary laws involved?
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I do know high end ( plenty of jobs for Ivana Trump and the family and many other high profile celebs in town).

Budget: $15-20K
Liquor : just a few signature drinks, I have that covered
Kids: kid friendly food, buffet. I will have a dummy shafing dish filled with worms, than a couple of snakes coming out of the buffet itself.
Dietary laws? None, whatsoever

Update: the hostess called me and said she wants:


Thanks to all that have answered, still looking for opinions
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Peanut butter and pumpkin soup served in a baby pumpkin

Pate fois gras on a bed of assorted sprouts, hard cooked quail eggs, poached sour cherries

Wild king Salmon Veronique served in philo

pumpkin creme brulee, served in a split baby pumpkin

Julianne of Roast Duck in a blood orange with raspberry infused duck au jus(app)

Mushroom Girl also has some different nice items posted
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Okey Dokey.....Scary Tasteless.....get out the gelitin.

Head cheese.....tongue n cheek with a cleever to cut it

Beet Soup......bits of bone looking crackers

whole tiny fishes.......served in cement blocks....."sleeping with the fishes"

Whole head of mammal.....goats, pigs, cows.
Peeled grapes as eyes. Can look gory and yet be oh so tasty

Salad.....hmmmm .....nothing scary comes to mind

Cheese, there are black ash crackers on the market......ash covered cheese,
shaped as coffins, worms out of maybe jellee

I still like the cotton candy spider webs....

Dessert.....well the jell with odd shapes in a raspberry coule, or a chocolate shell shaped as something with oozy red shtuff that comes out when you cut into it.

I'm thinkn' it's all about the plates/impliments and decor, staffs in costume of course......

Kids....edible bugs on everything

Jello with guts and offal lookin' shtuff......

Hacked off limbs....not coming to me what this could be but it'd be interesting
dough with red on the end....still not solidifying but I like it.

Have a real person coming up out of the table with his/her head on a platter and a fake cleever.....talking to the kids.

Fingers made out of spring rolls with red nails peppers

that dry ice smoke......

Is this more the direction you were looking to go in?......there was a thread in Catering (or may have been this section) about halloween food, it had some great ideas.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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awesome, Thank You

any more ideas?
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A chaffer on place card table near entrance to room when they come in " fill with water; green food color ; dry ice , and have a hand hanging out holding a placecard out. They sell a hand in walgreen that moves battery operated.
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I love these theme parties......just gives you so much creative license.:bounce::smiles::smiles::smoking:

Check Martha, she had a Halloween issue out last year that may be of help.....she is nothing if not into decor.

Your staff could really get into the spirit of this gig..... tux shirt with knife wounds possibly visable gut wound, ghoul faces.....lurch humps....palid pallor

Wood Coffin for the kid's buffet....1/2 lid open with a body in the box.

Stakes and crosses for the bat/vampire food.....possibly the dessert.

One Halloween party I catered 2 years ago they had a reptile man come with snakes and torantullas etc....
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Deviled eggs make dandy looking eyeballs with a slice of green or black olive as irises and a few sqiggly ketchup lines on the white to make 'em look blood shot. There's also a dessert called "dirt" that I don't know how to make but usually crops up in magazines about now. You serve it in a flower pot and it involves crushed oreos and gummi worms and is served with a gardening trowel. I'm sure you can find directions on the 'net for it. I recently attended a wedding where there were a lot of children as guests. The bride and groom rented a cotton candy machine, and what a hit! Don't be surprised if you have a line of adults for the cotton candy. The caramel apple station is a great idea too. For less mess, you can have an apple wedger on hand so apples can be served in a bowl with warm caramel drizzled over. Peanuts optional. Less mess than apples on a stick. Since they want tasteless scary, I would shoot for sheer fun, even for the adults. Cauliflower makes great brains, especially with a tomato sauce of some kind. Hacked off limbs, how about a Wellington bent a bit to resemble an arm, with something for a hand? Something molded in a glove that could be stuck on the end of the Wellington. Hmm. I think we're getting somewhere. Or something like braunsweiger molded in the shape of a hand. Eww! Just the right color and everything!
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Please share your event with us......thanks
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Re: Halloween Party

Maybe I am after the fact...kind of new to post responses. However I would speak to the person requesting the high end event and ask if whimsical and high end speak the same language in their book. If whimsical works I have a million ideas.
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scary tasteless= whimsical + gore

Go for it Boatchef......
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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make ravioli with half squid ink for the black and half pumpkin for the orange and fill it with an egg yolk, nice and gooey coming out or do the same idea with gnocchi, half black, half orange

Put pop rocks on top of the kids drinks when you serve them, with maybe some gummy worms

on a salad, hard boil some eggs cut in half and take out the yolk and put in black olives to make it look like some eyes looking at ya, put down a roasted red pepper to look like a tongue, make a smile out of a parmesan crisp and chiffonade some spring mix for the hair, make a creamy dressing for a nose design, nice and thick

make a really dark red soup, not sure what to make for that though

make a cheese plate with some axe knives of some sort for serving, with some green, black, orange, dark red compotes

chocolate covered strawberries with some scary design on it

molten chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

serve your soup tableside out of a black kettle
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