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Hello everyone, I work for a mid-size bakery, and we want to streamline our system.

We have:
1) at one location our bakery (the back bone of our company)
2) two of our own restaurants , both separate locations from the bakery.
3) we do 8-9 farmers markets with our own brand
4) 10-13 or so wholesale customers

We use:
1) Quickbooks - acct. re., order input, etc.
2) Excel to print packing list, production list, farmers market inventory list.

We input first into QB and then into about 5 different spreadsheet for Excel, so we make plenty of mistakes as you can imagine, very old super old set-up for us.

We have been looking at:
1) GlobalBake
2) FlexiBake
3) BakeSmart
4) Bakers Dozens, by Ross Computer Systems
5) Bakery Master

We just started to look, and a little over whelmed, so haven't actually talked to anyone as of yet. We want to take on more accounts, but we need to clean ourselves up first.

PLEASE any suggestions from tried and trues systems/software only. Frankly I just don't have time to chase " I heard of a place that.......:crazy:"
I just would like some experiential feedback if possible, and WHO NOT TO USE.

I thank you a thousand times one and all.:chef:

budget probable right now not over $2,500-$5000