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Lead in Vinegar

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As a result of California's Proposition 65, labels and signs have appeared on some vinegar bottles and in stores cautioning, or perhaps warning, the consumer that Balsamic and Red Wine vinegars contain lead.
I've read several web sites, read responses from vinegar producers and hysterical consumers, and IMO, the commotion is mostly for naught. I was wondering if you may have some opinions on the subject.
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Where or what is the lead derived from?
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I suspect that the well-intentioned authors of
prop. 65 never thought to add context- just to let people think they're actually mixing paint into their salad dressing...
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The Prop 65 tripwire is very sensitive -- perhaps too sensitive since it's set at a multiple of 1,000 of what's required to cause observable changes in mammals. The reported levels of lead in vinegar (mostly in balsamic) seem to barely fall within its purview.

Is it a bad law, because it alerts us to amounts which may not actually be dangerous? I say no; the more information the better. Others say yes, typical consumers are unprepared to deal with nuance.

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