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baked potato

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I have just decided to serve baked potatoes.Any advise on holding them for 4 hours on the line?My culinary school cookbook states holding them for 2 hours,(that was a good investment,ha),also,wrapping them in foil turns them to steamed potatoes.Any potato pros out there?I need some good advise. Thanks.
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I would Rub the potatoes down with oil and sprinkle with a little salt and bake them, i'm sure you know that it makes the skin crispy. As far as holding them, 2 hours is about as good as it gets. I keep ours in a Alto Sham unwraped on a sheet pan. When we start to run low on them (about to my last 8) I cook off about 5 more depending on how much time is left for dinner service. Any left over over potatoes become Ducheese Potatoes the following day or I sneak them into a soup.
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