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Clear Herb soup

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Hi this is my first post here, so excuse me if i posted it in the wrong place.

I really want to make a herb soup (maybe veg and herb soup), i had one at a wedding recently and it was lovely. It was quite thin and clear, but im not sure what herbs / veg to put in it. Does anyone have any good recipes or know how to make a soup like this.

Thanks alot,
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Was it clear and had veges in it? Or was it clear with herbs and veges as a base then strained out. Either way I would look up the preperation of a basic consomme. If it be veges in it I would then look for a garnish in the consomme called Brunoise which is very small diced veges. As far as herbs you can add whatever kind you want, one should not be dominant over the other. If you want to know how to make consomme look at Escoffier cookbook available in most libraries, or go on line.
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Once, when there was very little in the house, this little concoction came to mind.

There was a very light chicken broth in the freezer, so it got heated up. To the broth I added some fresh and some dried herbs. Tarragon, thyme, maybe a basil leaf or two, and a couple of others. I let them steep for a bit in the broth, then strained them out. I remember thinking that the idea had great potential - just a matter of proportioning the herbs. It might even work well with just one or two herbs.

The chicken broth was made with a standard mirepoix (leeks, celery, carrot) and only used chicken breast bones that had a fair amount of meat on them.

You might try experimenting a little.
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