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I did good today!

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A friend of mine (shes 30, 3 kids, husband) asked me for cooking advice today, she took out/bought the wrong meat (just some stew beef cubes) and had it defrosting and had no clue how to cook it.....I pretended to know what I was talking about, emailed her a "Recipe" I made up on the fly based on my short-rib recipe and damned if she didn't just email me saying it was the best dinner she's ever cooked! (she doesn't cook much apparently...she told me she never ate homemade soup before the other day)

Got that email after I had to pick up NRatched from the supermarket as her car "died" I had to play man and fix the car. (just alternator went south....again)

pretty proud of myself right now....come on....everyone get in line to pat me on the back!

haha just kidding. but felt good that my "recipe" came out great for her, finally i was able to help someone today, rather than always asking you guys for help.
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Well done. That sound you hear is all your friends applauding!

Now, are you gonna share the recipe..or do we have to beg for it first? :rolleyes:
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
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I feel comfortable giving HER a way! haha. it was nothing special.
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Much man.

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Awww come on RPMc, don't be skeerd. Sometimes "nothing special" is jut the thing someone is looking for. Besides this is a pretty friendly bunch, we wouldn't abuse you too much :)

BTW, did the alternator go bad once before recently??
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On the fly, now that shows true skill as much as mastering the classics does. Right on :D

Ok, ok just realized that congrats from me mean little. But when I was growing up my mom was a genius with leftovers and she still is. :roll:
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Yes, a little under a year ago, that's the problem with the cheapie re-cored alternators. Fortunately, my automotive knowledge compensates x10 for my culinary LACK of knowledge. My father owns a garage or 2 and my uncle is an autoparts wholesaler/retailer. The alternator was still under warranty...I changed it while the parts delivery guy(beauty of having an uncle with an autoparts store!) waited yesterday in about 5 minutes.

only to have her come home with my car (2007 Cadillac CTS sport) walk through the door with that "ghost white" "I did something bad" look....hit a curb and scraped up my polished alumimum wheel pretty bad. :( Been feeling like Charlie Brown lately.

BACK on topic.
it was just a simple beef "stew" i guess. nothing special, but she didn't know about browning the meat, and a few other things.
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>nothing special,<

Are you kidding? Of course it's special. Just a short while ago you came here with zero confidence in your culinary skills. And now you're giving advice to others.

I'd say that was very special.

You done good, man!
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
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To me, a simple beef stew is actually something special.

Simple, unpretentious ingredients prepared in a simple, unpretentious manner that yields a product that is so warming, comforting and satisfying to the heart and soul.

You helped this woman accomplish that, which means you did good---'cuz you're special--just ask NRatched :D
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Here is my big pat on your back ... Bhhhdddooommm lolzz. So you are capitalising what you are learning here. Thats preety good. I am also here to learn some skill so that my wife can be impressed :crazy:
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