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As long as we know what each other is talking about, that's what matters. Right?


I thought pu-loww was right and then I heard pee-laff. I just accepted it. Latin turned into Spanish, Portuguese, French, and others. Proto-Indo-European goes back farther. In India, there are hundreds of languages, and there's a little bit you can understand of each if you know one. I found that fascinating, really!

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I've heard it both ways as well. According to this video, both are correct:


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It's "pronUnciation.

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Firstly - let us establish we are looking at English enunciation or pronunciation.


Cumin or Cummin in English (old English Cymen) is pronounced as Kamin - that is the Cu as Ca as in cat. It is based on Latin word of original Hebrew or Arabic. Different languages use various pronunciations but Oxford English Dictionary and Macquarie in Australia follow the above  guide. The on line Oxford Dictionary provide audio example. I know celebrity chefs try to sound French or pretentious and so they often use the softer Cu (perhaps they are afraid it sounds too much like vulgar slang otherwise!!) - hypocritical seeing they use really "Blue" language when angry! or at least some do. We should not get hung up on words with food - more important to enjoy the applications and experiments.

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Surprisingly everybody here pronounces it Kyuu-min
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This is like asking how to pronounce emu.  There are at least 5 ways.  The important thing is everyone knows what you're talking about.

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