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Oh, fudge

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I'm searching for great fudge recipes. Anybody want to share their favorite knock-out fudge recipes?

Also, anybody have a recipe for rocky road fudge?

I am the Mad Baker Woman

I am the Mad Baker Woman
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HI...this fudge recipe is on the side of a eagle brand sweetened condensed milk,except I use milk chocolate instead of semi-dark chocolate..
[Magic Fudge]
in a heavy sauce pan or double boiler put..
3 cups milk chocolate chips
1 can sweetened condensed milk [any brand]
dash of salt
melt until creamy then add..
1 teasp. vanilla extract
pour in a 9x9 pan that is line with wax paper-place in refig. overnite
the next day tip over and the whole thing will come out of the pan and I
cut into 36 sqs.[6 rolls each way]
I thing it taste like a chocolate candy bar..
optional...half a cup of nuts you can add to it...
I personally really like this recipe with milk chocolate chips..
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Heres a great one, I tried them for the first time the other night using Guittard low fat and High fat equal parts, making sure it is not dutch process. Came out great!!
I baked them using convection oven and used the equal time using a metal pan.
KahlĂșa Fudge Bites - Fine Cooking
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