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Don't Shoot Me!

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Last week, I picked up a Lean Cuisine meal while shopping for a quick lunch when I got home. It looked like one of those pizza rolls but had a buffalo chicken type filling. I'd like to make some this weekend since we're doing a special "Football Saturday" menu (just the 4 of us) and are going to do party type foods. Does anyone have any ideas for me? I would have no problem making the filling but am not sure what would work well for the "crust".

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You might try the type crust recipe typically used for calzone. White or whole wheat.
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
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Here are a few possibilities:

Eggroll skin (fried)
Calzone (basic white bread with a little extra oil)
Turnover (savory pie crust)
Puff-turnover (store bought puff pastry)
Extra flaky turnover (store bought filo dough)

Choose whichever sounds best and someone will be happy to help you with the details. If you're very unlucky you might have to settle for me.

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I was thinking of doing the egg roll skin. I've made a stuffed wonton type dish in the past so am familiar with how it works.

I just know I want a crunchy exterior and if it needs deep fried, so be it. I would love to be able to bake in the oven but have no problems pulling out my fryer or even using a skillet.

BDL, why would you think I'd feel unlucky to have help from you? I appreciate any help!

Edited to add: I'm concerned that a calzone or pie type crust wouldn't crisp up enough.
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No problem making the filo or regular pie crusts crisp. The filo will bake crisp in the manner of a strudel; the regular pie crust may be either baked crisp, or fried. Getting the calzone crust crisp is simply a matter of rolling it thin and baking it in a hot enough oven. In fact, "hot oven" is 90% of baking crisp.

I also think the egg roll skin is a great answer. Asian markets sell large ones, or you can make your own noodle dough.

Since your get together is so small, your fryer may be the best answer. Fried pies are lots of fun.

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Thanks! It's just Les, me, and the kids......nothing really special. We just love watching football and rarely have "finger foods". I was trying to come up with new ideas and since I liked those, I figured I'd give them a try.

I'm going to go with the egg roll skin and just deep fry. I have a decent deep fryer and having made wontons in the past, I'm sure I can do it with no problems. I may not do them up on Saturday since the reason for our menu is to watch football. That's hard to do when you're in the kitchen working. (I'm not one of those people that watches tv and tries to cook at the same time.) The family is leaning towards a nacho dip in the slow cooker, veggie platter, and some other odds and ends which is fine because I can do those up early in the day or on Friday. I'm thinking I'll do these on Sunday afternoon instead......not into pro-football like we are college. lol

Thanks so much!!!
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I've never used "buffalo wings" as a filling. It's an outstanding idea. Whatever I gave you, I got back in spades.


PS. You could also do flautas, and pass a salsa de aguacate as a dipping sauce.

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Ok, you got me, what is flautas? If you try making these, I hope you enjoy them! I was really surprised the Lean Cuisine ones were decent. Not what I expected at all from a frozen box of food.

I went grocery shopping today. The wonton and egg roll wrappers were on sale so I picked some up and also got some chicken. I'm thinking I'll roast it and use part of it to make a buffalo chicken mix and use the rest for a pot of soup or a salad on Sunday depending on the temperatures.

The school gave me a Pizza Hut certificate for volunteer work last spring so we took the family out with it. We ordered a buffalo chicken pizza. It was very hot but the kids and I enjoyed it. I will probably try making one soon. I don't use my oven much in summer so wait for things like pizza when it's cooler outside. I haven't tried grilling pizzas yet......been a little intimidated!
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A flauta (translates as "flute") is a rolled tortilla with a little bit of filling, which is fried crisp. You may call it a taquito, but that's actually a generic term which can be a lot of things.

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Yep, I'm familiar with taquito. Hmm, I am cooking the chicken today and was planning to make tacos to use up the tortillas I have at home and then use the rest for the buffalo chicken pizza rolls, and use the bones for stock. I may have to play around with the flauta idea!
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