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Buttercream recipes

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Does anyone have a really good buttercream recipe that holds up well under warm temperatures? I'm trying to avoid the shortening route, if possible, but the owner of the bakery I'm at is not in a financial position to offer a nice Italian buttercream, or something else made from all butter. I know it seems like a pretty broad question with a multitude of answers possible, but there has been zero consistency with what they've been using and I'd like to be able to offer a better solution. Right now, they're using a basic powdered sugar based buttercream, but each batch is different. (Between us, I think it has a lot to do with the person making it!) They've been playing around with meringue powder, different butter to shortening ratios, powdered sugar amounts, etc, but the end result is always unpredictable as to whether it's going to hold up. Any suggestions??
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I am looking for same thing ...

Please can any one provide me the recipe ....
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Look in the book "Chocolate Epiphany". There is a great recipe in the back for buttercream and chocolate buttercream. Lots of egg whites. Holds up.
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