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Black Walnuts

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When I went out to check the mail a bit ago, I noticed some Black Walnuts on the ground. I have seen them around the area for several years, usually in the road where they've fallen off a tree but never gotten any to try and save. I tried cutting into the husk with a knife and wow, is it tough! I have heard people talking about driving their cars over them but feel that might damage the nut inside.

Have any of you harvested black walnuts?

Any suggestions?
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Actually have a couple we grabbed when we visited Berkley Plantation a couple weeks ago. The ones we had were green and taken directly from the tree. There were several lying on the ground but they had discoloration from where they were on the ground. We were told that those were not to be harvested. We were actually told they should only be harvested from the tree. They have to be dried before you remove the nut meat. As they dry the outer shell begins to harden and turn black looking more like a pit than a nut. Once dried, about 3 weeks, the meat can be removed from the shell. Unfortunately they are hard as a rock at this point and need more than the normal nut cracker. We have used a hammer with the nut wrapped in a heavy towel. A vise (with the nut wrapped in a towel also) works well too. More controlled than a hammer.:D
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So it might be harder than I thought to get them. These are pretty tall trees and no way I could actually get to the nuts to pick them. Oh well, it was worth asking! Thanks!
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