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Art Show + Sale with food - help

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We are self catering our Art Show.
I'm a tad concerned that we will not have enough food - which I'm sure has been asked many times before (although me search didn't recover the answers).

The show is at a home
Consists of Fine Art Photography and Hand Made jewelry, some christmas crafts
Sat night 6-9
Sunday 1-4
Inviting about 100-200
Awaiting RSVP at this time
Not a cocktail party
Maybe serving some wine but unknown at this point
Relatively small town (80,000)
Show is in 2.5 weeks

I'm thrown because it's over 2 days with very different times. We may serve wine in the evening session and I'm sure the food consumption will vary too.


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What do you think you might be serving?

Welcome to cheftalk btw. Hope you stick around. :)
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Well finger food for an obvious fact but not sure exactly. Maybe some frozen appies, just pop in the oven, some dips, maybe one or 2.

Really want to stay away from labour intensive stuff on the day of because it is 2 days.

Really not into cheese and deli meats on a plastic platter.

I supose looking for something nice, a little upscale, but keeping it real. I love great presentation - that's my art side - but time is an issue.

Some pre-made sweet, nanaimo barm brownies and such. No tiramisu or cheesecake. We'll need to keep it simple because we're not having servers or kitchen staff to help out (just a few friends).

As a note, I've worked in a number of commercial kitchens as prep and line cooks ect ect. I have the ability to do some dazzling food up, just time restrictions. I also run a business that takes 60-80 hours a week of my time.

Any suggestions helpful!

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cookies, bars, .........

Or cheeses, honey, nuts, fruit, dried fruit, crackers.

You can make a beautiful display and just trade out platters....cookies and bars will be good from one day to the next.....they can freeze if you premake or buy and have too much.....shortbreads, brownies, lemon bars, maccaroons, biscotti, chocolate chip.....

1/2 sheet of brownies, 1/2 sheet of lemon bars, 6 dozen or so of each of the'll have plenty. Cut small.

Sparkling wine is super, no white/red just bubbles. Something non alcoholic too......sparkling water with lemon/lime.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Yes shroomgirl.

Great suggestions about the sparkling wine.
I supose bars are a little more uniform in their organization too. cut different ways for different presentation. Drizzle, dust ect.

Anyone have a awesome punch recipe?


Keep the info coming too!
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How about hot cider with a couple of cinnamon sticks since it's fall? Just put it in a large coffee urn, no hassle.
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Bacon, spinach, cheddar cheese ball molded into some fancy shape. Surround with a variety of crackers and veggies. Easy recipe, keeps well in the fridge (if it lasts more than a day).

4-5 strips of bacon cooked until crisp (or more, my friends are bacon eaters)
8 ounces cream cheese or soft goat cheese or.....
8 ounces shredded cheddar
spinach cooked in some of the bacon fat then drained well and sqeezed to remove the moisture.

Mix all of the above reserving some of the bacon to roll it in, form it into any shape desired.
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cheese ball sounds wonderful - mmmm - bacon.

There will be some mulled cider now too.
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How do dates wrapped in bacon go over with the majority of people? I can't do the almond in the middle but maybe cream cheese? Anyone gave this a try?

That whole sweet, salty and creamy thing! Sounds good...
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Dates stuffed with a blend of cream cheese, and blue cheese are great.

I have catered a wedding for 100 ppl using a Bruschetta bar. Huge basket filled with crostini, and a couple of different toppings. Standard Bruschetta topping of tomatoes with garlic, basil, olive oil, and a splash of red wine vinegar is a must have. You can also put out a bowl of Tapenade, and some roasted red peppers. Let people make their own, so they won't get soggy.
Never trust a skinny cook
Never trust a skinny cook
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do you have an olive tapenade receipe or guidelines? I LOVE olives and olive spreads but have never attempted one.

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