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Antibiotics in our Food

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This is a good page to visit if you're concerned about antibiotics and hormones in the foods you eat. I was pleasantly surprised by the comments of some of the major poultry suppliers and fast food chains.

Keep Antibiotics Working.com - Food Company Statements
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Looks like a nice trend. Hopefully it will continue and carry over into other areas of purchase & development.

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Notice the date of the statement by TGI Fridays. To get to the point where the retailer could say this and be consistently accurate, meant that the process of eliminating non therapuetic use of antibiotics in cattle had to start back in the 1990's and maybe earlier than that. I know that in the mid 90's when I had quite a few cattle there was a lot of talk about eliminating antibiotic from feed at the commercial feedlots.
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Keep Antibiotics Working.com - Food Company Statements

If you notice the dates on most of these announcements were 2001-2-3-4.
Some of them also state that they do not use any antibiotics on non contaminated or what they deem healthy flocks, however what about ones that are sick?.
Now the FDA is going to allow genetically processed and treated birds starting 2010 what are they being treated with?
I feel sorry for the people who strive for the healthy aspect of eating and try and do the right thing for themselves and family, but having worked in the same meat cutting and chicken rooms as FDA inspectors and being in plants and slaughterhouses and seeing for myself how and what is done . I cannot in good faith believe anything anymore. I know this sounds skeptical but I can't help it.
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Ed -

skepticism is not a bad thing.
on the other hand, science is not a bad thing either.

which brings me to the statement:
"Now the FDA is going to allow genetically processed and treated birds starting 2010 what are they being treated with?"

to the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as "genetically processed" or "genetically treated"

and because anything is anyway "genetically" anythinged is 100% unrelated to "what they're being treated with." an uncomfortable truth is the fact that a chicken genetically enhanced to be immune to avian flu will require _less_ "treatment" of any sort in the process of being raised for market. want less antibiotics? - how's "zero need or use" grab ya?

I trust that you do realize that the process of "natural selection" is at its basis "genetic engineering" - the best of the gene pool survives and propagates.

the much more controversial human directed "genetic engineering" in fringe research such as taking genes from a plant and stuffing them into an animal are well worth a very healthy dose of skepticism. but Purdue just ain't that far along.
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Everyone has their own opinion, you have yours and I have mine. Mine is based on the fact I worked with them(FDA). The true test is time.
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