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Thank You!

Yeah, I know most say "Welcome" or "Hello" at first, but I'd rather lay it on the line. Thank you, in advance, for allowing a newbie to take part in your site and learn from your wisdom. Please accept my apologies now if, when the time comes, I ask something... well... newbie-ish. You have my word that I will take what I learn here and help others.

Now, with that said...

I'm a married 35-year old software developer in Orlando (grew up in Connecticut). For years I've been addicted to high-energy fun (skydiving, hang gliding, rock climbing, etc.) but I have recently found out that I enjoy cooking A LOT. My DVRs are filled with shoes from the Food Network that I watch constantly.

My dad passed away a few years ago, but spent most of his life as a truck driver but an awesome at-home-chef. On Sunday afternoons we would watch Martin Yan's, "Yan Can Cook" and a few others. During the week, while he was one the road, he would spend his breaks talking to anyone that could dish up something tasty... from truck stop short-order cooks to any chef that would show him the time. I can honestly say that there was not a single meal he made that I didn't love.

Until recently I kinda thought my dad and the pros out there were just born with it... with that magic touch that allowed them to work wonders. However, the more I watch chefs on TV, the more I realize that most people can create mouth watering dishes if they take the time to actually understand what they are doing.

At this point in my life, with an 8-year old little girl, two car payments, etc., etc., etc., I cannot afford to switch careers. However, this hobby is growing on me. My family is loving what I create and I love the feeling that I get when I see them enjoy a dish I made from scratch.

If I were to have two cooking related wishes granted, they would probably be...

1. To be more proficient and have a more "fluid" understanding of the tools and foods; and,

2. For me to be able to enjoy a meal my dad. I've got a few recipes I know he would love.

Fred =)