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Is it possible to...

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Hey everyone! I have a question, and am not really sure where to find the answer to it - so I thought maybe you guys would be able to help me out.

I am getting married in March with a guest list of about 30 (probably less). My fiance and I want delicious food however are on a budget...

So I was wondering if it is possible to hire students from any type of cooking school to make the food. We would supply the food of course and give the person (people?) money besides for their services. I don't know much about culinary careers, but I also imagine any sort of experience cooking is a plus.

My question is really three parted - first, is this even possible and feasibly cheaper than getting it catered? Second, How much would a student realistically want for their service? Third, if this is possible, where would I go about finding someone interested?

Thank you in advance! And I apologize if this question really isn't answerable.
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I know it's possible because I am a student and I just recently saw a job posting put up by one of my teachers for a simular situation. A wedding needing to be catered. The ad didn't say how much the job paid. I'm only first year so I don't know anyone who felt ready to take on a job like that but who knows maybe a 2nd year will take it on. You should contact your closest cooking school or community college and they will direct you to the right person to talk to.
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I would contact local culinary schools and be honest and forthright with the instructors in letting them know you are trying to 1. Save money and 2. want to provide valuable experience to some students.

I'm really quite sure the school will jump at the chance. If that doesn't go your way you could put an ad in the paper or hang it up somewhere near the school requesting culinary student services.

Realistically, it really depends on how much you need to set up and how much you want catered. If you're gonna need like 10 or so kids to cater your wedding and you want to serve 500 people than be prepared to still spend some change..but if you're serving 100 or less and you're only gonna need like 3 kids to plan and implement you can get away with saving money.

A good way to pay is to research the prices of caterers around and then split that in half.
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Thank you both for your replies! That type of information is exactly what I needed. I will follow your advice and do more research on it, as well as contact my local culinary school.

Thank you again!
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When I was teaching I got many calls like yours. I used to take on the catered affair and bring 4 or 5 students with me. Ask one of the instructors if they would have an interest. You cannot use just the students, as there has to be a leader or head person to guide them.
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I think bartering for goods or services is a great way to go about things...

Unfortunately it isn't a way that is feasible for the wedding. My fiance and I live a 17.5 hour drive (w/o stops) from where the wedding will be taking place. We are young professionals who are just starting out in our fields and we don't have the ability to give anything for free from our employers. Nor do we live in the area - so offering to mow yards or something isn't an option either.

It is a very good idea though in theory and one that I will keep in mind for other things in the future! Thanks!
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