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Just wanted to share my recent experiences with the new dansko shoes. Dansko still has the same designs, however, a number of retailers explained to me that Dansko has switched manufacturers. And I think it shows. Not only have all the retailers in the area admitted that Dansko has not shipped my size and style for a while (10.5 work clog), but the shoes are also very uncomfortable.

My first pair of Danskos (about three years ago) were some of the most comfortable shoes I have worn--even for long walking while shopping or just standing.

However, my newest danskos (a few months old) have been nothing but "very" painful for me. I understand that there is a break in period, but my last pair did not take this long. In fact, for work, I have resorted to a plain old pair of Dickies work shoes, and they have been wonderful for me!

Other may have different experiences with the newer pairs of Dansko, but my two cents, I probably will not buy them again.