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Native taste demonstration Kyoto Japan

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I have been contracted to create a menu suitable for a Japanese audience using Native American ingredients. I will be responsible for onsite supervision and preparation for a cooking demonstration, recipe presentation and serving of the dishes for about 60 people of the culinary schools, importers, franchisers and some media. I also have to develop food recipes for the food trade. I will be serving premade dishes as well as making a presentation and demonstration of Native Norht American ingredients during the program and other traditional dishes and ingredients.

I am a Native North American of the Cayuga Nation. I am well aware of the traditional dishes of the Native North American Nations. I was involved with the Native Taste demonstration two years ago in which I was given the opportunity to create a menu.

The menu included a ceviche, a roulade, gazpacho, sorbet, compote and rice timbale. These dishes were combined with Native North American ingredients and when I got into the kitchen in Osaka with Japanese ingredients. So what began as a Wild Rice and White Rice Pilaf became wild rice and sticky rice timbale. The ceviche also was adapted by using wasabi instead of hors raddish.

This year my ingredients include (but are not limited to):

Wild Rice
Alaskan Wild Salmon
Salmon (cold smoke, kipered, candied)
Buffalo (jerky, sausage, ground meat, steaks)
Assorted seafoods
Fine chocolates
Organic cranberries
Organic corn, beans,
pickeled asparagus spears
Fry Bread
Anasazi Beans
Red Chilis
Jams and Syrups

Those are the ingredients that are needed to be included or HIGHLIGHTED FOR THIS DEMONSTRATION

I will be including Japanese ingredients also and other gourmet ingredients like safron, truffles, etc.

I have developed a menu that encompasses the traditions of Native food and from my own training aspects of European cuisine, I am asking for any trends or recipes that you may think can be included on this presentation. Also if there are Japanese trends or influences that can be included.
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Looks like a great time there, I wish I could make it.
We are featuring a Navajo corn pudding served in a roasted sugar pumpkin this fall as a dessert which would fit the bill nicely for you, not too sweet so to suit the Japanese palette.
Fluctuat nec mergitur
Fluctuat nec mergitur
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I think sweetening the Anasazi beans and featuring them in a desert would be quite nice.
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menu so far

Here is menu so far.

Hors d'oeuvre

Smoked Salmon Fry Bread Canapes
Shrimp and Seafood Ceviche (Wasabi)
Buffalo Jerky
Wild Rice Sushi
Salmon Roe
Bedr'e Fine Chocolates


Honey Glazed Duck with Coquille Cranberry Chutney


Three Sisters Soup(Corn, Beans and Squash)
Anasazi Beans, Pinto Beans and Sweet Corn in a Baked Squash Bowl

Cuisine de la demonstration

Smoked Rabbit Saddle with Wild Rice Stuffing and Wild Plum Coulis, Red Chili Shiratle Noodles and Honey Glazed Sweet Potato

Salmon Steak with Maple/Citrus/cinnamon Sauce, Wild Rice with Wood Mushrooms and Asparagus Spears

Red Lake Battered Walleye, Wild Rice Pesto Timbale, and Kyo Yasai


Wild Blueberry Sorbet with Rose Water Native Victory Tea


Honeyed Beaver Tail (Sweetened Fry Bread) Strawberries and Chocolate
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