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brownie and cheesecake

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Hello Everyone!

I'll try and make this brief.

I've made two recipes lately which combine these two elements. One, from the CIA site for brownie cheesecake, which lacks a bit of instruction, but it was somewhat successful...outside, cake like and a bit dry, middle seemly cooked but looser than I'd like.

What I didn't get about that recipe and maybe the problem, is how I put the cheesecake mixture in the middle and why? Why not on top? Curiously enough the picture they show is different than the instructions... with the cheese going to the side of pan. What happened to mine is that it got a bit of a slope to it with more cheese in the middle and less chocolate base...have to do this again.

Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake-The Culinary Institute of America

The second is with raspberry from the internet, there seems to be a million of these, all about the same really. With this one, the chocolate was really too heavy and sticky on the bottom of the cheesecake layer and raspberries, taste wise alright but to hard to swallow. The recipes I'm finding don't call for baking powder, but shouldn't they, with chocolate, flour, egg, butter, salt, vainilla...

For the cream cheese layer they suggest putting whole raspberries, but I'd like to pulse them a bit in the processor. Will the acid from the raspberries affect how it cooks? The cream cheese mixture has cream cheese, sugar, lime juice (well lemon, but I don't have lemons down here).

I'm beginning to regret liking cooking sweets so much..my skirts are getting tight ! :(


saludos, Karen
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Brownie and cheesecake

WOW. Now, many of you know I am a self-professed Queen of Cheesecake. No, I’m not tooting my own horn about how fabulous my own cheesecakes always turn out, but cheesecake is by far my very favorite dessert. I’ll eat it before anything else laid in front of me. And so when I saw this cheesecake featured on there was no turning back. I had to make it. Immediately. And with no good reason whatsoever other than I wanted it. No company, no dinner party, no celebration. Just because it looked THAT good.
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Thank you chubyalaskagriz. I shall try your recipe out. The raspberry one is just not turning out, needs to be cakier to get it out of the pan. reminds me of an old car my ex -husband had....the mecanic told us, if it breaks down again...just walk away....

Sometimes that's the best thing to do.

sweet dreams. Karen
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