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dessert consomme

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anyone ever make a dessert consomme? maybe like a fruit consomme? and if so, how?
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How about a melon consomme. Take a water melon, cantalope, and honeydew cut them into a nice shapeand reserve (in the fridge.) Take all the scrapes (no skin or seeds) then in a blender puree. At this point you may need more melons to make larger quantity. Season to taste IE; more sugar or honey. When you have achived the desired flavor. Get a strainer and a coffe filter and strain the puree. this is going to take a while. You may want to use a china cap and a large coffe filter.

When you have strained your puree you should now have your consomme. Now take your cut fruit place in a bowl, in the center. Pour in your consomme and garnish with the tops of thyme and or mint. Thyme surprisingly works with dish. Serve chilled.

D .Lee
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