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Hello everyone,
I discovered this site a few days ago and I am hooked.
I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen with new ideas etc. and putting new twists on old standards.
I have traveled and worked all over the world, Africa, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, Comoro’s, Mauritius much of Europe etc. I have collected recipes and indulged in all the local fair wherever I was and have fused many cooking styles together to make some of my own unique dishes.
I am the father to two boys one a sophomore in college and the other a freshman in HS. I am blessed with a great wife but I am the cook in the family and I love it.
Growing up money was tight and I use to watch my mom study the frig and pantry trying to figure out what she can put together to make a tasty meal to feed five kids with what little we had. She was very inventive and I guess some of that rubbed off on me.
My family loves it when I come back from a trip overseas so they can try some of the unique and ethnic dishes I was fortunate enough to eat and try to replicate back home.
I have been cooking for years but in the last few years have taken it much more serious and I am really interested in learning some of the finer arts to cooking and reading this forum has kept me up at night as well as my head spinning with new ideas and recipes I plan to try.
Just wanted to say hi and I look forward to visiting hear often.