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New job

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Hi, its been a while since I have been around here and its all looking very funky these days!

What a crazy few months for me, I sold my restaurant and got a new job! :eek: The sale wasn't intentional it kind of just happened. The guy was calling us and making offers for two years... finally we bit, and accepted. Over the past six months we have got busier and busier (what credit crunch?) and quite honestly I don't know how I have kept up and got through it all. During this time I have been job hunting, going to interviews and travelling all over London, I have been absolutely exhausted for as long as I can remember. Then suddenly, its all over. I did my last service on saturday night to a full house, going through the motions like a robot and trying to socialise with reminiscing customers. And now the madness has stopped, its so wierd. To think that what I had worked so hard to create and has consumed me for five years has actually gone. Wow guess I just didn't get the time to mentally prepare myself.

Anyway, no regrets, no sadness, just relief. My life will return to normal now, it has been a fantastic experience for me, the hardest thing I have ever done and the best thing I have ever done. I wish I did it twenty years ago, I probably would have got more mileage out of it.

I start my new job today and am looking forward to a new challenge. So to the moderators, do I change my profile on here now? Do I have to change my name?
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There's a menu bar near the top of the forum. One of the links is for USERCP Among the many options there is one called "Edit Your Details". Through that link you can set your experience level.

Where you're still in the business, I don't see it as critical that you change your experience setting, but the people in the pro forums might feel differently.

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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So, what is new job??
what ever it is, best of luck to you!!!!
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Thank you Nan. I will be opening new coffee bar and creperies around London, there will be pastas, salads, soups and sandwiches but mainly crepes, savoury and sweet. The plan is for five shops in the first twelve months and I will oversee the whole operation. The first one opens on Nov 15th in Fulham and the second is scheduled for January. I think I will miss cooking and hope to do some part time catering after I settle into the new job. I have a few customers from the restaurant who are interested in dinner parties etc. One thing I wont miss is the hours, this is a day job and seems like a walk in the park compared with running a restaurant, but that remains to be seen.
Thanks Phil I will edit my profile.
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sounds very cool! I will be looking at a change in the next few years. My job has outrageous hours. the catering thing seems like an option?
Keep us posted. Crepes are one of my favorite things to make and eat!
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Sounds like you're still going to be very busy and tired. I hope you enjoy your new venture!
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best of luck to you!
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