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I just want to mention a little gem I found in Hurley, WI. Hurley right next to Ironwood, MI. In fact, Hurley and Ironwood can be thought of as twin towns. Kinda like Minneapolis/St. Paul, well, kinda is a stretch. In any case, I found myself at a place called the Liberty Bell Chalet. They make their own pasta there! It's also basically a bar with a dining room. Smoking allowed, but hey, it's da you-pee don'cha know. But get this. The same folks who make their own pasta also operate their own Italian deli right next door! I took a peak. Sopresso salami, capacola, huge mortadella, prosciutto, and wines. All this in what's otherwise a culinary wasteland!

So anyway, dinner was good, and a little salty. I had the linguini and clams. If you're ever in Hurley or Ironwood, you ought to check out this place and get some prosciutto for your hotel room. :)