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Gluten Free Pizza Dough

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The DW has invited some of her former employees over for pizza as a way of thanking them for their efforts. One of the employees families has a gluten allergy and I need to make them a pizza with that in mind.

As far as regular dough goes I have no problems, questions or concerns. Unfortunately I have never, in my 30+ years of cooking, used a Gluten free flour to make dough. What are some things that I need to be aware of? Can I just substitute the flour using my typical pizza dough recipe? Does the dough need to be kneeded longer? What about yeast?

I haven't gone out on the web yet for recipes because I wanted to use the one I normally use so.....
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you cannot use your regular recipe. most gluten free doughs are not kneaded as they are way too soft. last pizza i made i used a combo of potato starch and sorghum, wasn't bad. google carol fenster, it was taken off her latest recipe. for an easy fix order from bob's red mill - they have a pizza crust mix that's ok.
please be careful of cross contamination issue also - some people are so sensitive that one crumb of gluten can set off their re-action.
pm me if you want - i've been dealing with this pretty successfully for the last 3 years. i'll be doing a totally gluten free thanksgiving for 30, and no one will know the difference.
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Thanks for the input Kathee. I will PM you if I need this in the future but the DW has informed me that the person and family members in question will be unable to attend.

When we entertain I do a fair amount of catering to our guests likes and needs but rarely, if ever, have run across food allergies. Not that I am hap-hazard about things like cross-contamination but that didn't even enter my mind. Doohhh!!!! That could have been disastrous.
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