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We are in need of new stove(s) for our church. We have a 60.5 inch opening that now has two 30 inch residential electric stoves in place. We have a commercial type exhaust hood that covers the whole 60 inch space. I do not think that we are equipped for gas ranges.

The stoves we have now are too small for more than one pan of food at a time. And they are not cooking evenly. Biscuits sometimes turn out burned on the bottom and raw on the top. The cooking burners have had to be replaced several times.

We need something that will be able to handle a church meal each week that feeds aobut 50 or so. But that can also handle times when we feed 2-3 hundred.

We have a warming oven and it has been meeting our needs so that a warming area on the stove would not need to be a consideration. Having enough room to bake several pans of food at at time would be.