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Duck aspic ideas

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First of all-

Hi I'm Josh, a CIA Student. I got about 5 years industry experience, 1 year CC culinary grad, some certs etc. New to this site.

So have you ever confited duck and when you strain out the fat, theres liquid non-fatty stuff at the bottom? That's natural duck aspic- it's delicious. Anyways, I learned this about a year ago and just started a new job. The chef wanted me to pour it out because it's not fat, and all we wanted to save was the fat. I told him it's aspic, poured it into a half sheet try and solidified it.

I want to make a special up with it. Some basic ideas I thought of are:

Forcemeat Pate
Vegetable Pate
Individual fruit/veg/meat molds
Salad w/ cubed duck aspic

The best one (IMO) I thought of so far it a salad:

small dice duck aspic
blood orange segments
roasted pistachios/sesame seeds
scallion slivers
cherry tomatoes halved

dijon honey peppercorn dressing
or lemongrass pomegranate dressing
or kumquat tequilla vinnaigrette

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Since it is a duck based stock or aspic ,(strain thru cheesecloth before use)

I would confine it to dishes prepared with duck. maybe a cold Breast of Duck Jeanette, or in a Gallintine of Duck, or as a glaze for a Country Duck Pate ,or regular Pate, or as a base for a Duck Chaudfroid Sauce for garnish.:o
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