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Coppery color on food.

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We just got a new pan and I cleaned it very-well, but when I was cooking pot stickers, I noticed a light coppery color on the back of the food... and the middle parts of the food as well.. and it was too light to be typically cooking marks...

I'm not entirely sure what caused this, but besides washing the pan, is there something else I should have done? What is the copper color from?

Its a this:Regal Satin & Glass 12" Covered Saute Pan

Saute, fry, or brown in the Regal Satin & Glass 12" covered saute. The satin brushed construction offers quick heating which is ideal for sauteeing. Glass cover let you monitor cooking results.
Satin brushed finish, see-through glass lid, nonstick interior)


and we did buy it from walmart.
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Sounds like a thin film light distortion more than anything.

You'll see this on raw meats with a little oil on them or silverskin and oil is the most common offender.

But you probably wouldn't have seen that in the middle of the potsticker. May have been some coloring from one of the ingredients. Or mayber some gristle that picked up the soy and other seasonings color?

If I don't make potsickers myself, I buy the Ling Ling brand at Coscto, which are cheaper than I can make myself unless I go the whole distance and make my own wrappers and grind my own meat. And the Ling Ling are pretty darn good.
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It occurs to me now that maybe a sauce packet leaked and some of that oil may have got on the potstickers giving that color, or bring it out more when it cooked.
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I reckon that'd be the problem.
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I wouldn't be inclined to blame the pan unless the same problem occurs with other foods. It's probably something to do with the pot stickers instead.
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
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I think he is saying that, because he has cooked pot stickers before with other pans and hasn't noticed the copper color.

Also, the copper color is not one commonly found on food after being cooked, and the color he sees on the pot stickers resembles the satin brushing that is put onto the pan he got.

The pan is probably a piece of junk and/or he has it too hot than the manufacturer wants you to use it, and the satin brushing came off an transferred onto the food.
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The pan wouldn't have got the color inside a potsticker.
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Yep thats true, he said, middle, but I guess he means the inside by that.
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At least that's how I read it. Could have misread it with it being just text and all.

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Thanks for all your replies... I found that some of the last made potstickers, had a big more juice in them than the rest and that burnt. :3 so it wasn't the pan~
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