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Restaurant Manager Life

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So its been a while since I've posted here and some members were nice enough to push me to where I am today. Now I'm a budding restaurant manager with what seems like zero personal time left, seeing the "other side" of the kitchen. Now it seems like EVERYTHING in the kitchen has a dollar sign painted on it, even the **** grout has very real purpose to me now haha. :lol:

I am learning very fast that register+2 different employees=theft
Manager+being stuck on a station=kitchen collapse+poor service

It all seems like common sense, but its very hard to execute at times. Anyways I just wanted to thank everyone who suggested to stay in this field, I'm pretty happy in it and hope to move up in quality of restaurants soon.

One last thing IMO certain parts of the hospitality industry seems to be too dependent on computers that we do not get trained in the "old school" ways. Schedules and labor is so dependent on computers and calculated sales projections it scares me at times.
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Ahhh...welcome to the good life. Just remember, you CAN'T do the work! When people get used to you putting your hands on everything, they'll expect you to do their job for them.
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Never loose sight of the need to serve and please the customer. The bottom line is of utmost importance, but the customer still should come first. ;)

I too worked all the different aspects of restaurant and food service life. Its all gratifying, and fun.
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