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Equipment failure, right when you need it most

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Another member mentioned the oven going out at this critical time of the year. I thought we might all have similar stories to share. I'll start:

The oven thermostat in my 4 yr old range also failed a few years ago, just before holidays. Living so far from town, getting service is often cost prohibitive. So we shifted all the plans to my daughter's house, and everything turned out well.

When I called the manufacturer about the thermostat, I was told that it was out of warrantee. It had been covered for just one year from the date of purchase. Except for the knobs. Those have a lifetime guarantee. We still laugh over that.

We managed to replace the thermostat, and the oven has worked fine ever since. Then, within a few months, 2 of the burners stopped working. I managed to get by with the 2 that worked, until a friend called one day to tell me she knew of someone who had a range like mine to give away. I called and told the lady we only wanted it for parts. She just wanted the stove gone. DH brought it home and we stripped it. Now, if something goes wrong, we look in the parts box first. Oh...we even saved the knobs, you know, "just in case".
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
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My oven died just after Christmas last year. I do most of my baking in winter and was just lost without it. On the Friday before Easter, my other half worked on a home that had a range like mine except that one was a self-cleaning. He had to remove it from the house so brought it home with him. The oven door glass was busted out on it. On Easter morning, we took the doors apart and put the glass from my oven door into it. I was able to bake a ham and some other items for our Easter dinner!
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Don't ya just love happy endings? :roll:
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
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If my oven dies I can shift to the gas grill, the weber kettle or the big BBQ pit. I have baked in all of them. Having backup is nice :lol:
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My oven died the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (this year)..since I live in a rental condo, the owner is not going to replace it until the 2nd week of December...so I asked other family members to cook the turkey..I bought my pies..made my cookies at work and in the end it all worked out..everyone had a good time. At least I will have it to bake Christmas cookies in.
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I had a JVC VHS recorder. The thing stopped ejecting tapes. Had to pull them out with brute force tearing the tape! It also broke tapes off their spindle when you rewound them.

So I took it back to Best Buy and they said it wasn't worth repairing. (the Wife actually took it back and that's what they told her).

SO I threw it away with a whole bunch of other electronics when my company had a free throw-away electronics day.

Regretted it because I have a whole bunch of VHS tapes that can't be played on regular VCR's, they have to have a whole bunch of adjustments, tracking, jitter, etc. etc. etc., that only the "state-of-the-art-" machines had when VCRs were still popular.

So I found one on Ebay that was advertised as "near new" and bought it for dimes on the dollar compared to the one I had to throw away. It was even a year newer model!

I got it, full of trepidation, but it worked like a champ. I got almost 20 hours of play out of it before it went kablonkers~!

Now, I put an EP tape in, and it tries to play it at SP speed. I found a work-aorund, by putting into FAST FORWARD, and then hitting the PLAY button. That got it to play at the regular speed, but only for about 15-20 seconds. Then a whole bunch of horizontal lines appeared on the screen. First just a few, then quickly quite a few, and then, the picture disappeared and I got the blue default TV screen which had nothing on it except blue!

Suddenly, the VCR picture came back, but only for another 15-20 seconds, and the whole line process re-occurred.

$80 bucks for 20 hours worth of playing. Now I got to find someone "old" enough to remember how to fix these older model VCR's.

On top of that, my major car started stalling on me once the temperature got down to about 15 degrees F. Gots to deal with that, yet 7 dealerships in the area closed on Friday two weeks ago! 3 others got sold to someone else, but are still closed.

Can't even buy parts!

This on top of everything else. Roof needs to be re-done, because the shingles were defective, still waiting for the new sashes because the 8 windows I bought they ordered the wrong sash-gas (was it a mistake or was it on purpose?), the stucco guy wouldn't do the stucco because it was too late in the season, and the gutter people wouldn't wait until spring when the stucco guy could do his thing!

Given the economy and the devasting effect on my 401(k)'s and IRA's, and I'm like totally bummed.

I should be grateful that I'm still healthy, but its like Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs. Oh well,

Happy Xmas, and Merry New Year to all!

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That, my friend, is a very personal question.

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