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Must hit eats in LA

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Headed to LA from 1/4-1/11.....what are the must hits....all around...from hot dogs to Michelin stars...LA is one city in which I've yet to culinary adventure in don't make me hop on a chopper and head to the French Laundry...

Also interested in GOOD cocktail bars.
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What part of town are you staying in? And will you have your own car? Los Angeles is HUGE!!!

We've got everything here, but ... Our Italian food is unexceptional, ditto on Eastern European and Greek. Much better in other cities.

We're tops in any sort of Asian or Latin American cuisines -- as in you can't find it anywhere else in the US. Best pastrami on the planet (wouldn't expect that would you?). All sorts of incredibly expensive International Cuisine joints. A few good cocktail places, but public drinking isn't the pastime in Los Angeles that it is elsewhere.

If you're traveling with N.Ratched, I suggest at least a couple of meals in K-Town. You might also want to hit the San Gabriel Valley for at least one Chinese brunch and a dinner.

You don't do sushi, do you? This might be the trip to start. Get you all drunk on Soju cocktails and hit a Korean "Japanese Food" place for omikase sashimi. Or not.

Hot dogs at Pinks -- if you can stand the line.

Martinis at Musso's (maybe we'll meet there).

Gotta have Thai food in Thai Town and get serenaded by the Thai Elvis.

Dim Sum at 88 or Imperial Palace (maybe we'll meet you there)

Duck at Lu Din Gee (like nowhere else in the world, not even in China).

Dumplings at 10053 Dumplings, or maybe Dumpling Master, if they're still open then. Or Din Tai Feng for xiao loon bao, but it's a little on the over-refined side for me. I actually like the xiao loon bao better at a little hole in the wall of a strip mall called Lucky Restaurant.

Providence for a big deal meal, maybe. Or maybe you've been dying to get to Spagos. We'll have to figure out what and where for the high end so you can make reservations.

Taquitos at one end of Olvera Street, carnitas at the other, and expensive, mediocre Margaritas in the middle.

Mariachi Madness (what it is, not the name of a restaurant) at El Mercado del Oeste Los Angles (also not the name of a restaurant).

Langer's deli for those pastrami sandwiches I told you about (don't forget to order double meat).

Oaxaqueno food at (wait for it) a Oaxaqueno restaurant.

Korean Barbecue of insanely high quality at Tahoe Galbi

Anyway, why don't you do a little free associating in terms of what part of town you're staying in, what you'd like you'd to eat and how much time you're willing to invest schlepping for it. Let me know dude.

A sus servicio,
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We haven't lived in L.A. for about a year and 4 months, however I do have a few thoughts to add.

Upstairs 2 is a fun place that's located above an excellent wine shop called the Wine House. It's a lovely little space. And the fun part is that it's a small plates restaurant with wines by the glass (3 sizes). The wine selection is sizable, the wines actually go with the foods and the people who work there really know what works. Upstairs 2, Los Angeles, CA - Home

Pinot Bistro is one of Joachim Splichal's restaurants and it has terrific bistro food. Pinot Bistro | Patina Restaurant Group

We always enjoyed Suzanne Goin's first restaurant "Lucques" LUCQUES RESTAURANT LOS ANGELES CATERING
We heard a lot of good things about her second restaurant "AOC" but never got there: AOC WINEBAR
And she and her husband opened a place in Hollywood that is especially known as the place to go for cocktails made with fresh ingredients called the Hungry Cat: THE HUNGRY CAT-SEAFOOD RAWBAR COCKTAILS CATERING LOS ANGELES SANTA BARBARA

I'll probably think of more places later.


"If you are not killing plants, you are not really stretching yourself as a gardener." -- J. C. Raulston, American Horticulturist


"If you are not killing plants, you are not really stretching yourself as a gardener." -- J. C. Raulston, American Horticulturist
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I'll be with nratched and will be staying whereever FOX studios lot is . to get together!
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Los Angeles Area - Chowhound

For good food advice and locations go to

NOT THAT you won't get good advice here :lips:, just alot more of the same great advice over there.

I dunno where fox studios are located, is that near 3rd and fairfax?
Chile today, Hot Tamale!
Chile today, Hot Tamale!
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Fox is not near 3d and Fairfax. That's the Farmer's Market. The nearby studio is CBS Television City studio. Not too much production there anymore, it's mostly offices.

Fox's main lot is at Pico and Motor, near Century City. In fact, Century City is built on the land which was the old Fox back lot. Fox is on the west side of Los Angeles, and very close to Beverly Hills.

If RPM is being put up by News Corp, it's not at all unlikely that he and N. Ratched will stay at the Century City Hotel because of its convenience.

There's a lot of great "fine dining" in that area and some very good dives and ethnic places. Although the true glory of eating in Los Angeles, which is that by traveling 30 minutes you can go 8,000 miles, requires some driving.

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Here now! thanks for the lists.

if anyone wants to meet up, let me know, we have no plans what so ever and have a rental car.

oh, we are staying at the intercontinental.

After a culinary extravaganza in NYC 2 weeks ago (11 madison lunch and Jean Georges tasting menu, along with some top cocktail 8 hours) , I am kind of burnt out on high end, but might fit one in.

Korea town sounds good, and we don't have good korean BBQ by us, as you know my Fiance is "technically" Korean, but, since she was adopted at 7 mo, by a whiter than white family, shes what I call fakasian. I've probably had more korean food than her. (remind me to tell you a few funny stories some time about some "dining" experiences surrounding that)
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The Intercontinental and Century City Hotel are one and the same. It would have been a good guess or even brilliant deduction if it wasn't so frikkin' obvious.

I'm looking forward to the Korean food stories.

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