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I am NOT Amish. Seems like everyone assumes that people from Lancaster are Amish :smoking: Anyway, I found this place while searching for help on a specific catering job I am doing this Friday. I am world famous for last min crap, and here it is a few days away, and the prep list isn't done, Sysco order isn't done, and..... well at least I made payroll and paid the rent:crazy:

Anyway, just looking for some professional advice when I need it, and google says this is the place to go!

Me? Well I own a catering company, I provide the exclusive on-site catering for a Hotel in downtown Lancaster PA. With that comes a Bar, lounge and a 133 seat Restaurant.

I love to smoke, drink, gamble (mostly poker, but the blackjack bug bites once in a while) and have a passion for producing a quality product for my guests. Doesn't matter to me if it is one guy at the bar, having some wings, or a bridezilla with 300+ guests in the ballroom! I break my *** to make sure they are all happy and can't wait to come back!

I look forward to becoming a part of your forum, and will be posting a very important question in the catering section momentarly!

Thanks for providing a place for people like me to come and ask questions, and see what others are doing! :beer: