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Does anyone know anything about École Supérieure de Cuisine Française-Ferrandi? I just heard about their five month bilingual program and I'm extremely interested. I'm about to start a certificate program at Kendall College in Chicago but I'm having second thoughts with the discovery of this school. They're more or less the same price (ESCF is a couple K more I think). I'd like to hear about any experiences with the school, or if my time would be better spent in the states. It is, after all, just a 5 month program. What would i be missing out on that I could get from a 1-2 year program in the states? Any advice is welcome.

here's the web address for ESCF if anyone's interested

Learning French Cooking : ESCF, french cooking school, Paris - France
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>>>>know anything about École Supérieure de Cuisine Française-Ferrandi?
nadda thing.

I know some other stuff, tho.

you get out of a school what you put into it. here, there, on the moon.
nadda difference about the school, it's about the student.

the French cooking approach is actually not the only way to cook on the planet.
that said, you should expand your horizons.

if you've never lived outside of McDonaldLand, USA, you'll benefit from absorbing a different culture. with five months, you'll need to be _very_ dedicated to making that absorption happen; it's easy to just get along doing the minimal.

I personally would plan on at least two months travel post school; and I'd be looking for a training spot in a French/Spanish/German high end restaurant.
note: get started on the work visa thing early.
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