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Vanilla Help

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I have been making my own vanilla for about 6 months now. :) It had been
going well until this last bottle, so now I need some HELP! This
bottle was made in the middle of June with 2 cups of vodka and 6
vanilla beans split and cut into 1" pieces. I labeled it, placed it
in a dark cool cabinet, and kept it shook every couple of days. I
had opened it about 3 weeks or so ago. I didn't notice anything at
first. Then on Thanksgiving, I fixed homemade whipped cream
(whipping cream, vanilla, and sugar) as I normally do. I noticed a
funny taste, but the family was gracious and ate it without saying a
peep! I discussed it with my mom after the meal, and she had also
noticed it. The next day, I compared that bottle with another bottle
I had done in September. I noticed that the bottle I'm having issues
with has a cloudy color (compared to the clear amber of the other on)
and has a very distinct alcohol smell with no scent of vanilla
(whereas the other has a hint of alcohol smell mixed with a very
strong smell of vanilla). What is wrong with my vanilla? What did I
do wrong in storing it? Can I fix the vanilla or should I throw it
out? Should I freeze the remaining jars so this doesn't happen to
them as well? (I have 4 more jars from my September batch yet to
use...) Thanks for all your help in advance. I'll be glad to have
this solved! :)

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Sounds to me as if it got contaminated with something(cloudy) was bottle thoroughly clean.? Was bottle closed correctly? Did temperature greatly fluctuate? Alcohol does not kill all strains of bacteria, hypochloride does.:cry:
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