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Hey bub, it's a cake

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Yet again, catering to my over indulged children. Here is the 4 year old’s birth day cake from this past September. (Takes me a while to get photos from the camera to the computer.) This is the first birthday cake for one of my sons that hasn’t been Spider-man themed in quite some time, so I had some fun with it.

This was my first attempt at fondant covered rice crispy treat sculpting. I’ve never had a call for it before. A lot of people see the sculpted cakes on TV and think they are cool, but they never order one and certainly don’t want to pay for it. So I figured I’d play around to satisfy my X-man in training.

Here is what I learned: that chocolate/white chocolate coating you see the folks on TV applying before they coat with fondant on anything that is remotely top heavy is very important. I had a beautifully sculpted “fist” covered in fondant that oozed out of shape and right off the support dowel. DUH, I’ve made enough chocolate covered rice crispy treats on a stick, I should have known better.

The “claws” are gum paste and were originally coated in luster dust. Sadly, the birth day boy was scheduled to have a dinner time party but was so worn out from spending the entire day running amok and proclaiming that it was his birthday, he conked out just before dinner. Much to the disappointment of his siblings, who had to wait till the next day for cake, DH shoved the cake in the fridge and the gum paste deteriorated over night. The ones seen here were the back ups.

Try as I might I am still deficient when it comes to food photography, but I’m working on it.
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Nice cake, nice pictures, nice post.

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If you were in my culinary class, I would give you an A+ Nice job. Only thing tacky is foil should be covered with doilly.

Stop knocking yourself , and saying photos are deficien., The cake and pictures are a heck of a lot better then some pro ones I have seen. :lips:
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Good Job!! that cake's for Halloween's day man? :crazy::D
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