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Hello from Virginia

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Hello everyone,
I love cooking and baking. I am not a pro but cook at home for my family. I enjoy lots of variety when it comes to cooking...and i am all about nuitrition. I am currently studying to be a Master Herbalist and nutrition is a foundational element. I look forward to learning from this ChefTalk community! :smiles:

~Tamara from Virginia
Oh...how do i put a pic up instead of an avatar?
One more question...if i want to post a question (which i do lol) do i just start my own post or do i need to post under an old thread that is related?

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Hi Tamara!

I'm new here, and am also from Virginia. I'm in the southwestern region, a small community around Richlands, VA. Anyway, just saying hello! I'm also curious how to do the custom avatar thing... lol
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Hello Tamara
I'm a home cook, too.

I hope you enjoy getting to know the various fora on here and feel free to post a new article in any suitable area of the site.
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I think i figured out the prfile pic thingy....i just played around on my profile page...i found something that said add an album and i did that then i added pics to it. Now all i have to do is set a pic for my prfile pic, but i still need to take one!

Oh, and i am in a lil town of Rocky Mount near the bottom of VA.

Nice meeting you!
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Glad to have you on the forum!
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