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Professional Commercial Kitchens for Rent/lease

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Plans are underway to build a fully equipped commercial kitchen facility by fall of 2009 in the Greater Triad Area to rent to small business entrepreneurs from caterers, chocolatiers, bakers and small food manufacturing businesses. The facility will be equipped with all commercial equipment including walk in freezers, coolers, smokers and any other specialty equipment needed for food production. You will be able to rent caged storage space for your supplies, ship and receive product as well as rent freezer and cooler space. You will have to be insured for $3 million of liability insurance( which is rather inexpencive) and be responsible for Health Department rules and regs and be subject to their inspections. You will be responsible for your own cooking supplies IE pots, pans and utensils which you could store in a secure area on site if you so choose. Pricing will be billed by the hour and yet to be determined yet affordable. Storage rental will be separate based on size needed. If this may be of interest to you or anyone you may know, please reply with any suggestions, comments, questions or concerns.:chef:
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welcome to cheftalk Shea. kitchen rentals are in huge demand.....I can't tell you how many calls a year I get from people looking for kitchen space.

Your bio says you cook at a military academy in NC, personal chef and cater.....good mix.....your experience will come in handy
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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I built a mobile kitchen a few years ago for use at offsite events and my newest build is better than any kitchen I have worked in. I hope you update on your build progress.
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Wondering the progress on this project - I am very interested in the possibility of renting time.
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Great Idea .Only thing I would check out is that the" individual is responsible to health department'' whereas in most areas, it is the premise itself that is cited for infractions, and as owner of said premise You are responsible as they are only renters.
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Good Morning, progress is slowwwwww due to our wonderful economy but we are not giving up on our dream. It is a large scale project and we knew it would have some glitches along the way. We will keep all posted on the progress. Shooting for the summer of 2010. Keep your fingers crossed!
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Thank you for your comment! You are correct, we are untimely responsible for our grade as well. Each renter will be responsible for their grade. If they are not in compliance they will be fined by us as this brings down everyones overall grade. The second time they will be "evicted" per rules and regs of the contract.
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Thank you for your post. Yes I am banking on my 25+yrs of hard knocks to help u get to our goal! In this business you will never stop learning as it is ever evolving with new concepts and ideas. I am like a sponge yearning to learn and always willing to listen!
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You may want to check out a similar operation in Poughkeepsie, NY called Hudson Valley Food Works. They have a loading dock, huge kitchen and packaging areas, walk-in coolers and freezers, a monstrous walk in blast freezer and packaging areas. It seems they cater mostly to small start up companies that manufacture packaged foods-sauces, soups, quiches, baked goods etc.
It's a pretty good set up and the fee is $25/hour based on contracted use. It's a great way for folks with good ideas to start businesses without needing a ton of $$$$ for start up capital investment. We looked into it, but found the working environment a bit depressing in addition to being a 45 minute drive from where our administrative work is centered.
We know some other farm marketers that use the facility and they really enjoy the ability to keep their production schedules flexible as their demand ebbs and flows.
I wish there was a facility like this nearer to us.
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Commercial Kitchen

I am looking for a commercial kitchen to rent in Greensboro, NC.
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CBaynes, did you find you kitchen space?  I'm looking also.

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Is this space available yet?  Where is it located etc...  Thanks!

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Hi, I just found this post from a search for professional kitchens is Greensboro, NC.  I see that this was posted in 2008.  Did the kitchen ever happen? 

Sounds like exactly what I am looking for.  You can reach me at

thank you

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I am also pursuing a commercial kitchen but located in Columbia, SC.  I own a building that has about 900 square feet of unimproved space at the back of the building.  Great location on Main Street near downtown.  We have cleared the zoning hurdle.  


The plan is to develop about 450 square feet for the kitchen with a couple of smaller rooms off of that for receiving, an office and future expansion.  My office for my consulting firm in the front of the building.  Business for the kitchen will use the rear entrance.  


Right now, as you can imagine, it is the bankers.  They want blood from every potential client along with financials, tax returns, expected rentals, etc...  Understandable, but difficult to get from small/individuals that are in the catering business.  I am finding that my market is a bit informal when it comes to books, etc... I will keep you informed.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!  I got a great list of equipment from another thread on this site.  This is a really good site for exchange.  Comments are pretty fresh compared to other sites.

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Is the Kitchen open ? Where are you and can I visit.

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Did you ever find out anything about this kitchen? I, too, am looking for a small commercial kitchen to rent. would like to share with someone else, if possible.

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Hi, I am interested in the development of this shared kitchen space in Columbia. I am currently looking to rent shared kitchen space and have only been able to find one place so far in Charleston. I desperately need to find something in Columbia though. Keep me posted on how this is developing. Thanks!

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Just moved to Lexington, SC and I'm also interested in renting kitchen space.   I moved from Florida where I was a kitchen manager for a Non-profit cookie company that employed mentally and physically disabled young adults.  We worked out of a shared commercial kitchen and it was a wonderful experience.   These kitchens are so needed for those who have a passion for food, but lack the finances to open a kitchen of their own.   Unfortunately I don't have the finances at this time to open one myself, but I have a fair amount of knowledge on how it works as well as a great relationship with the owner of the kitchen in Florida.   If you're still considering trying to open something I would love to help out in anyway I could.

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Hello's 2011 now.....any update on the commercial kitchen?? If not, does anyone know of one in Greensboro, NC??? If we can't find one, maybe that is an opportunity for someone to get started!!

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Did you ever hear anything back from Shea?  I have been searching for a kitchen space to rent in W-S and the closest thing I can find is in Cornelius.  Clearly there is a need for this type of space in the triad!  Let me know if you hear anything. 

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No, nothing from her yet....and yes, it does seem to be a huge need for something like this in the area.....we live out of the country right now, but plant to move back within the next year and I am trying to get things lined up for a buisness adventure I want to try....and a commercial kitchen would really help me out a lot!! If you hear of anything please post it here and I will do the same!!

Thanks....wishing us both luck!!

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Any word back on a commercial kitchen in Columbia, SC?

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Hi!  Is there a kitchen and if so, contact info please???

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Where might you be located?


Originally Posted by Primmadonna4u View Post

Hi!  Is there a kitchen and if so, contact info please???

Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
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Still no sign of a commercial kitchen in the Greensboro, NC or surrounding areas that I have heard. I have been checking pretty far as anywhere else, I don't know!

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I'm also looking for commercial kitchen rental in the Greensboro area, for some baking.  I will keep checking back and if I find anything on my own I will post it here.  Thanks all and good luck to everyone.

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Hi, I hope this helps a lot of you. There is a community/commercial kitchen in Wentworth NC. It is about 45 min- to an hour from most parts of Greensboro. For more info you can call the Rockingham Business and Technoloy center . In order to use the kitchen you are required to take a Food safety and sanitation class first. RCB&T 336-342-7853

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Hello Everyone!  The Kitch has just opened right outside of Charlotte, NC.  1500 sq ft commercial kitchen space for rent by the hour.  Check out for more info!

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Did this ever happen? I need kitchen space to prepare food for new catering venture. Any suggestions?

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Hello, are you still renting space?

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