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My client is asking for "DENSE" homemade!

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The rolls I usually make for my client for the holidays is a long-time family recipe, and the rolls are delicious. They are light, fluffy, buttery without being heavy....

But my client said that although the rolls were good, she prefers a denser, heavier roll. Any suggestions? Any recipes you could steer me to? I have to make them on Tuesday.
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what general style is your current recipe? a artisan type with (bigger) holes, crusty finish?

I've used plain old white bread recipes - Joy of Cooking has a good one - for rolls - they have a finer texture, bit like 'wonderbread' and not a crispy crust. not sure I'd say they are physically heavier - might "appear" so...

punch down after first rise, cut into rolls, allow second rise, bake.... watch the time - takes less that the loaf recipe (smaller mass)
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what about a broiche ? maybe not dense, but they are rich and light with a great texture.
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I do a nice milk bread roll for the bakery that is dense and heavy but full of rich, buttery flavour. I'll gladly pm you the formula if you would like.
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This sounds perfect! :) Can you e-mail them to

Also, does it make a million rolls? Can I cut the recipe in half? I only need rolls for about 20 people....although if it makes a zillion, I could use them for homemade runzas for my clients.
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The formula makes enough rolls for approximately one full size sheet pan--something like five dozen.

I have the formula at the shop. I'll pick it up in the morning and e-mail it to you before noon tomorrow.
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Not usually a problem

That NEVER seems to be a problem for me! :chef:

Maybe I should just make them for you?

Anyway, good luck.

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