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Useless Serveware

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Before I got married I made do at my apartment with run of the mill dishes, mismatched glasses, and hand-me-down platters. I wanted to have beautiful china and serveware when I got married and got rid of my cheap single gal stuff. But as I am putting on more and more dinner parties I find that a lot if not most of this stuff is useless or cumbersome.

China - doesn't go in the dish washer, design may not accommodate my party theme.
Crystal wine glasses - oh for pete's sake, I don't need 2 kinds of glasses for red or white wine sheesh! And they can't be put in the dishwasher either.
Matching platters - Turns out I like to mismatch after all!
Cloth napkins and napkin rings - What a pain to clean and forget it if you get stains on them. They make some lovely disposable dinner napkins now, much more sanitary.
Table cloths - They're a bit old fashioned and I can't help but miss the look of my beautiful table underneath it. A good coat of wax before the party helps put my mind at ease about spills while displaying my beautiful table and festive dinner mats.

I am very happy now with my plain square white durable plates that feature my food rather than themselves, cheap wine glasses that nobody is nervous to spill, and mismatched platters that give charm to my spread. Novelty items I ended up really needing were tiny forks and spoons (can never have enough of those), several different types of serving utensils.

What kind of serving ware do you have that's proved to be useless?

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Well I've never really had anything fancy.

I killed a bunch of porcelain platters and bakeware this year in big drop/slide out of an upper shelf and that's been a set back. Surprisingly, the tile it landed on didn't break.

I'm working more right now on building up a line of main table plates/dishes/bowls on a rectangle/square theme in plain white. They're from different manufacturers but i like the mix so far. Some smaller round bowls but in very straight lines.

No glassware to speak of. We don't drink and my kids are still at a relatively glass unfriendly age.

I like stainless tableware over silver but my wife brought some silver and fancy plates to the marriage. The plates are about gone now but the silver comes out for holidays and such.

No china or other high end stuff. Most of my presentation platters for cold/room temp goods are clear plastic to look like cut glass. Until you pick them they fool you pretty well. But where they only see use 1 or 2 times a year, I'm not likely to put big money into a fancy set that lives in storage most of the year.
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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China?? should go in dishwasher, most can. As far as pattern, did you have one picked out? If not, can it mix and match with your favorite white service, and pick up some pieces that go with it for casual? If you don't like the whole set, yard sale or a gracious donation to a thrift shop.
I love a mish-mash I have about 16 plates, from several decades that I use for partys. I found 10 cute little salad size bowls (pressed glass) that are fun. Have white pasta bowls from TLS. Have set of china that mixes in, has a great gravy boat and more. Have tea glasses I bought on the street in Turkey, little condiment dishes and soup spoons in China, espresso cups from Italy. and again more from thrift shops.

Wine Glasses?? Most go in dishwasher? And even at home alone I must have the proper glass for the wine I am enjoying. Sorry, just me.

Serving pieces, again what a bunch of surprises--several platters and bowls I have had for 40 years from friends here and there. Some incrediable gifts from friends with bucks, but know me (mostly ceramics and stainless). Great pitchers for breakfast or mixers and a couple of crystal bowls I got a great deal on working at a high end gift shop. Also from there, some English ceramic pastry baking dishes.

Napkins--never seen a use for rings, except maybe party favors. But in my house a roll of papers towels lasts weeks, and there are no paper napkins. Long before green was groovy, I was frugal. Again, I thing I may have eight or so napkins that match, but love to pick up solid colors and use them together. Probably have 60, including eight that have pansies I got at a yard sale!! And a dozen or so Holiday ones.
Tablecloth--I have a couple I like, but other wise see no need. Do have placemats and they like my napkins are very different, have four of a couple colors.
Have one tablecloth that gave me whiplash in Italy, was walking down a street and on a side street it was at a shop, displayed on a clothsline. It is probably a bit tacky, but incredibly pretty, has about fifteen different flowers and colors!!!MMMMM
Welome to my kitchen
Merry Christmas
Patch, your house sounds like fun!!!!! I figure when I leave this earth mine will still be a work in progress. When you are stuck in your ways you are gone, right?But don't take away my correct wine glasses!!! But hey Dona Marie sauce jars work too, ya think?
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A long time ago I started purchasing bandanas to use as casual napkins and basket liners, instead of paper napkins. Cheap, durable, totally washable and hey...when they have outlived their usefulness as napkins, they make nice, soft handkerchiefs. I also have nice napkins, and a variety of tableclothes for dress-up.

Dishes: my good china is plain white and dishwasher-safe, although it came along too early for microwave. It might be okay, but I've never tried it.

Stemware: I have it, but it seldom gets used. Still in original boxes. Too many Klutzes in my circle of friends.

Flatware: Stainless steel for every day. But we have service for 12 of Bronzeware from Thailand, that HubbyDearest purchased in 1968.

I have various other serving pieces, but none that I can say is truly useless...I don't have space in my house for anything that isn't used often (except for the stemware...gift from HubbyDearest...must keep). :)
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
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