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got laid off

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hey guys i was hired into a fine dinning restraint about 6 months ago and we went from 120 a night to 30-to as low as 10 a night. so i was the last hired so i was laid off. it sucks. i have been looking at a lots of places and its really hard to find a job in the economy. any ideas any help would be nice.

i went and visited and chef today and he said that he would hire me but they are so slow they don't have the money, so i offered to stag for him to show him im worth the money, im going to call him in a few days. but the job market sucks right now.
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That sucks, man. Good luck finding another place.
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That blows man, it took me two months of submitting resumes to finally on board with a good restaurant.

The job market was ridiculous. Hope you can land one faster than I did.
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