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Need a source for vanilla beans online

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I need some vanilla beans folks for making extract. Anyone have a good source?
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What happened to Penzy's? Don't they have a good supply? Not on-line but Costco had a great price on vanilla beans. They were sold in a cigar tube like vial. I think it was 4-6 beans for 8 bucks.
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Kingarthurflour.com has them, but they're pricey.
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Yeah I know, I'm looking at cheap and good. :D
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I picked some up too! 2 enormous viles, total 10 huge fat lucious pods for $15CAD. They're from Papua New Guinee. Can't vouch for the quality yet, but there are certainly no better deals around.
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This link was at the top of the page:

Vanilla Beans and Products Including Vanilla Powder, Paste and Extract - Beanilla Vanilla

How are you going to do your extract?

I made some with vodka, and another with brandy. the brandy-vanilla is awesome in cookies. I got my beans at Penzy's.

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If you're looking for ultimate quality beans, you'll have to track down Mexican. Beanilla has them, but tres cher.

If you're looking for the merely excellent, well pardner here you go: Vanilla Beans Order Page You can't beat them for quality/price. At any given time we have a bottles of rum and cognac extracts going, and sometimes vodka too. Don't go nuts on the booze; if it's drinkable it's plenty good. I use Brugal rum, Raynal cognac, and Smirnoff Vodka.

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Oooh... BDL is the winner! :D Just bought a pound of tahitian beans for $29.95 (plus shipping of course)

I'll let you guys know how it turns out. I always use brandy.
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Well the beans seem fine. I got 1# tahitian beans. Good quality, so far just one small skinny bean in the whole batch so far.

I got 35 beans in a 1.5l bottle of brandy. Enough? :D Nah... that's only like 1/4 of the pack!

I've never had so many vanilla beans in my life. All my life they were these precious things that you used with care and only for special people. I feel like I've hit the lottery or something! Yeah.. I know, people don't understand. Hopefully you all get it. ;)

Here's a nice thread

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You're welcome and congratulations. 35 beans in a 1-1/2L might be overkill or it might not. As flush as you're feeling it's probably just right. Sometimes nothing succeeds like excess.

At any rate, we use about 8 - 10 beans in 3/4L bottles. Right now we've got fifth bottles (3/4L) of cognac, rum and vodka working.

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I just looked and they are now twice the price!  Well, six years worth of vanilla for 30 bucks was a good run.  :)

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