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Holiday Meal Questions

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This isn't Xmas Dinner, the meal is this Sunday, turkey & ham on xmaxs. However this is a 18-20 person family get together, and we want a special meal.


Starter :
BBQ Cilantro-Lemon Shrimp & Pineapple skewers

2nd course:
Clam Chowder

3rd course:
Small wedge salad with side of imitation crap & bay shrimp

Main Course:
New York Strip Loin with Mushroom sauce
Roasted Mushrooms
Asian style green beans
Small Red Potatoes with Truffle Oil

1st request
Better asian green bean recipe:
I have done all the recipes successfully before, however I would like a better recipe for the green beans. I want to achieve the typical "chinese buffet green bean". They are sweet with a bit of garlic or ginger root. The recipe I have calls for chile sauce or hot sauce and while it is ok, people I served like em, that isn't what I want.

2nd request
mushroom sauce
Last year I had Demi-glace to start the sauce with, I had intended a sauce in between an Au jus and gravy, but it was way to salty so to cut it I used the broth from the oven roasted mushrooms, WoW it was super, wonderful, rich, velvety sauce. Problem my source for restaurant Demi-glace is no more. I need a good mushroom sauce recipe.

3rd request
instead of the shrimp skewers, a good scallop/shrimp ceviche recipe.
The shrimp skewers are great, however a ceviche could already be prepared and all I would have to do is plate it in martini glasses. It would be served with fresh deep fried tortilla chips.

Any help is very appreciated!
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I won't do it... I won't do it.....
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I know, but the piece of New York Strip Loin cost $138 big enough to feed 18.
Plus I just spent close to $800 on my daughters college grad party, this past Friday.
Real Crap will be next year. Besides you check out the price of clams recently. Last year they were $1.25 per pound for little neck, this year I can't even find little neck, have to go with some Mexican clam and they are almost $2.50 a pound.

On the positive my imitation crap / bay shrimp salad is a real pleaser and usually most want 2nds.
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