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G'day folks

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Chef-apprentice from Norway here :)

Hey, im a 20 year old *soon* to be chef (only 18 months left as a apperentice) been around these forums for about a year but decided it was about time to participate and mabye share a little. instead of just Hoarding up all the knowlege that i get from here :)

my culinary experience consists of 2 years working the prep/line at a few restaurants in town, then moving on to school and starting my apprenticeship.

after already worked 2 years in the restaurant scene i wanted to do something different with my apprenticeship so i started it as an institutional apprentice (working at a hospital) simply due to the fact that im interested in Specialty foods, like food for Diabetics and people with Lactose intolerance. plus the Hygiene Requirements im working with is at times insane, at the point of the kitchen having to be sterile at the end of the work day.

These 2 points and the fact that i have already worked 2 years at the line i atleast hope will give me a slight edge over my competition when it is time to search for a job :)

Personal info for those interested :P
My favorite thing to do when im not A) reading a book about food or B) patrolling the internet for anything food related is to play Paintball, my favorite band is Metallica, my favorite cuisine is Italian.

cya out there on the forums :)
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Hei! ├śnskevelkommen til Chef Talk. Since you've been lurking here for a bit, you know about the great features of the site.

It sounds like you've been carefully planning your career path. Good luck in your search for the job that best fits you.

Now for a food-related question: as a line cook do you cook mostly traditional Norweigan food or do you cook a variety of cuisines? Are there any trends or new developments in the food scene where you are?

We hope you visit and participate here as often as you can.
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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imho there is not alot of food that can be called Norwegian, it consists mostly of slight adaptations to the French cuisine(using what we can get locally), wich we then roll out as "Norwegian".

as for changes in the scene, not alot recently. but 20 years ago we here in Norway had hardly eaven heard about Garlic or cinnamon :P so we kinda had our last food "revolution" one generation ago, im astounded by the difference in what i am used to eat compared to that my parents used to eat when they where young. this is ofc due to the massive amounts of new cultures we have had introduced in the last 15 years(mostly from the east end of the world), bringing in what they have of culinary knowlege and us (as usual) taking it in and warping it to fit our own taste and style.

my guess would be that we have a entierly new generation of chefs on the way up now, that is more used to the new stuff and not traditional as the older ones where and are therefore more willing to experiment and play with traditions.
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