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Can't locate........

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cake boxes for shipping!!! I need the kind where the cakes sits inside and is covered on the top and sides so the recipient can get it the way it left me.....beautiful!
Take a look at my cake and you'll understand why!

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yum...that cake looks tasty!! Did you ever find the boxes you were looking for?

I am researching options for the best way to ship muffins....any ideas?

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Hey Rita!
Thanks for the compliment on my cake! No, I haven't found any boxes! This is really crazy! SOMEONE HAS 'EM!!!
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try www.papermart.com or 800-745-8800

I have been to their warehouse and it is quite impressive, they are based out of Los Angeles. ask for both thier catalogs.

:bounce:IF they dont have it, I bet they can get it.:bounce:

Tho I can't imagine a cake being shipped and making it intact (my cousin worked for a brownish colored shipping company and he told me they would toss the boxes that said "fragile" on them a bit harder than the others)

Chile today, Hot Tamale!
Chile today, Hot Tamale!
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