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Greetins from Brazil !

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Hello all strangers :D

I am from Brazil and it seems like getting the right answer at Yahoo Answers is quite difficult. :cry:

Anyways, I first thought about joining Cheftalk.com to post my question but I guess I'll have a lot more to do here as I love this site already - lots of recipes, nice people and great cooking tips !

I hope somebody will be able to help me out and I hope to help others too ! :o

See ya all around! :roll:

Kindest regards,

Araceli Lima
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I'm sure that if you have any questions, someone here will try to help!

Brazil? Lots of exciting recipes from the South American continent - many with a Portugese twist, I'm sure. I love Portugal and have visited there many times.

Have a look at the various fora on here, and post any recipe/hint you may have.
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Thanks for the kind message Ishbel !
So far no one has replied to my thread yet but I guess it's only because it's still too early for that! I'll wait some more days and see how it goes !

You are right, we do have lots of exciting and I must say exotic too, recipes. I'd say we do have more of an African influence rather than Portuguese, but of course we do have twists from all over ! That's Brazil's uniqueness: a little bit of everything :D

I've posted some tips on a a thread I've just read ( Quindão ) and I hope I can help others too !

Nice hearing from you and we'll keep in touch around ! :D
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