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Need some advice

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I'm in my last few months of culinary school and trying to solidify my externship. I have a few stages set up in the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what to expect. My sights are set pretty high. Two are top restaurants in my area and the other is out of state and very well known. Any advice would be great.
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Congratulations on the stages. Does your school have a career services office? If so, they more than likely, have had students in the past work or stage at the same places you are heading towards. They should be able to provide some insight.

From what I could recommend, show up early, have a positive attitude, and do whatever they ask you to, within reason of course. Lastly, don't be cocky . Even if you are amazing, let it show through your work and not your mouth.

A positive mind and being easy to work with seem to be desired attributes. Without knowing anything about the stages, there's not much else I could personally offer.

The key is for you to see if you want to work for them and they want you to work there as well.

Good luck.
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Could you give any advice about approaching restaurants re: stages in the first place?
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I've had the most luck going through either my school, or people I know. Usually showing up at the back door and asking has caused confused, reluctant and awkward exchanges between me and the chef/sous chef/whatever; never really understood that one...I mean it is free labor after all.

If you already know some chefs, odds are they will be the best resource for you to either stage at their place, or to set you up somewhere else.

If you do decide to just show up, make sure you know a little about the restaurant, and do not show up at a busy time. Usually between 2 and 330 is a good bet. You can always call the restaurant and see what a good time would be to come in (or when the chef usually arrives)
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