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Not a **** bad show. Had low expectations and it really exceeded them.

No silly product placement Dr. Pepper challenges....granted, they had some wacky mystery ingredients, but for the most part....it was straight forward.

what did everyone else think?
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What I liked is they do what I used to think they did for Iron Chef.

They have no idea of the ingredients ahead of time. I'd love to see some of the big wig celeb type chefs cook blind like that ;)

I also got a kick out of the vegan cook who seemed rather miffed that octopus was an ingredient.

Over all I'd watch it again.
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it was an ok show, didn't go into watching it with alot of hope. but id watch it again.
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I really liked it, talented people, tough but somewhat realistic challenges.
I think those people could have kicked some butt with even some of the dumb a** challenges on TC?
best of all, no freakin' drama!
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anyone else here notice one of the contestants was one of the chefs that didnt make the cut for top chef??? he was on the top chef episode where they were cooking in craft...
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