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first post here.I am 27 currently studying Electronics engineering(EE) at a cheap but poor quality Institute....I am seriously thinking of changing career path because EE is not going well for me- i can't really cope with maths.:blush:

First of all,i like cooking food for myself,the whole procedure is a very fullfilling activity for me,i have no restaurant experience,but i have worked 5 consecutive summers in summer-camps as an cabin chief combined with kitchen duties,It was 24/7 hours work,really exausting,poor pay,but i loved it.Back then,I loved the idea of being busy, non-stop for hours.

I would like to pursue a career as a chef.As a chef i know that knowing foreign languages can help and i can speak 2.One concern is that i do not know if i am too old to chase a well-paid chef career in the long run.Usually chefs start before the age of 24 and become recognised,if they suceed, 10 years later.

My great question is,i do not know which school to choose in Europe.I visited the website of DIT university(Dublin,Ireland) and Galway-Mayo Institute(GMIT),they have a 4 years program leading to BA in culinary Arts.Does anyone know of these faculties?Does it worth or it is a waste of a time?What about the quality of the facilities and teachers?How demanding is it?I've sent them email 1 month ago but i got no response.My goal is to become a chef i do not want to choose the wrong school.What schools in Europe are good enough and prepare you to start a career? For instance i saw the the cordon bleu website but i am not convinced...their diploma is too short in terms of time and very expensive,it looks like a financial rip-off.In addition,what is the average pay a year for an experienced cook with 3+ years exp.?

DIT is 4 -omg- years and any feedback would help me see things bettter.Feedback from Ireland people or any other knowledgeable would be much appreciated.Thanks