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Hi from Osaka, Japan

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hey guys how are you?
i'll say a little about myself. i was born and raised in hawaii. went to culinary school straight after highschool in '98 and been in the kitchen ever since. last worked in vegas and just moved to osaka a few months ago to pursue some international experience. i feel i am in a important phase in my career right now. confident to manage and be a chef in the states and be comfortable, but willing to sacrifice and refine my skills here in japan to weed myself out from so many of the other "chefs" in the us. i am glad to have found this site so i can speak to others about their experiences, esp. their international or japanese experiences and ask advice. my japanese is pretty crappy so it's difficult to talk about the profession with my friends here. lol. i gotta pick up the pace on my studying....argh
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.
There is at least one other member living and working in Japan, although I think he teaches rather than cooks!

There are a number of Cooking Professionals Only fora on here, but hope you will post on some of the other 'open' fora, too!
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Welcome to the forum...I am new as well, and cannot wait to share some ideas and cooking methods with you!
Looking for Valentine chocolate recipes.
Looking for Valentine chocolate recipes.
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