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valentine chocolate

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in my country is a custom to give handmade chocolate in valentines day to your love one but after 6 years together with my husband , i never give him any chocolate not because i don't want to but because i don't know how to make chocolate.

so this year, i want to give him my best handmade chocolate to him, but i don't know how and whats good to give him ( white choco / dark choco / heart shape / truffels, have writting on top of the chocolate ,etc )????!!
can anyone help me with how to make chocolate and what should i make, any ideas??

every little bits help thxs soo much
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I would also like to know where to start...I think it may be a difficult process from scratch, but does anyone have some insight?
Looking for Valentine chocolate recipes.
Looking for Valentine chocolate recipes.
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Easy chocolate truffles

Melt in a bain marie;

9oz good quality dark chocolate
1 tbs milk

When the mixture is very smooth add;

4oz unsalted butter cut into small cubes
2 egg yolks
3 tbs heavy cream
4-5oz confectioners sugar

Stir and heat until all of the ingredients have combined, be careful not to overheat or it could seize.

Allow to cool and refrigerate overnight. Next day shape your truffles in a cool place and working quickly to avoid melting the chocolate, a good idea is to use a spoon dipped in iced water. Then drop them into some cocoa powder, crushed nuts or a coating of your choice. Refrigerate until required.

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thxs so much for the answer
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