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G'day frp, Tasmania

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Hi all,

Just saying g'day from THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!!

I'm running a kitchen in tasmania, having ingredients thrown at me at a frenetic pace. Abalone and crayfish from down the road, spuds and herbs out the back of the kitchen, views to die for, you konw the drill.

Good times; hoping to help out if i can, and be helped likewise.


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G'day, cobber!
Whilst some here might take issue with your 'greatest country in the world' - I have visited Australia quite a few times - and can agree that much of your food ingredients are second to none! I've never made it to Tazzie, though!

I hope you'll have a look round and check out the various fora on here. There are all types of cooks on here, from 'can't boil water to master chefs'. Feel free to add your input to any or all of them!
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I'm furious with envy. I'm stuck here in Michigan up to my knees in snow while you have "views to die for".

In any case, welcome. Does your restaurant have a website?
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